Introduction to Alternative Investments

Curious about alternative investments? You’re not alone. Welcome to the first part of our series on the basics of alternative investing.

Alternative investing has taken the world by storm, but lack of understanding has caused many investors to steer clear. But with the right knowledge going in, it’s now easier than ever for qualified investors to get started with alts.

Join Chris Carsley as he breaks down everything you need to know about alternatives. Chris is currently the Chief Investment Officer at Kirkland Capital and a CAIA Chapter Head with more than 25 years of experience in the investment industry. His unique background gives him a deep understanding of alternative investments, and he’s here to share the facts along with valuable industry insights.

In this thorough and informative webinar, you’ll get answers to the following questions:

  • What are alternative investments?
  • What types of alternative assets exist?
  • Who can invest in alternatives?
  • How do I get started investing in alternatives?
  • What counterparties are involved in the alternative investing process?
  • Why are investors adding alternative assets to their portfolio?

Looking for even more on alternative investing? Check out Part 2 of this series where we’ll work to understand: the importance of a diversified portfolio.

If you’re ready to get started with alts, schedule a demo with OpenAlt today to learn how we can take the complexity out of alternative investing. Browse the marketplace, select opportunities, and perform due diligence – all directly within the platform.

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