OpenAlt FAQ

  1. Please check with your counsel or attorney, as we do not check for compliance for companies. However, our marketplace lives behind a login and is currently closed to Entrust IRA account holders and registrants on OpenAlt. Some companies prefer to only publish information about their company, not a specific opportunity.
  1. OpenAlt charges a low subscription fee based on your needs. We do not charge for any investments found or made through our platform. Please keep in mind that if you are investing with our integrated custodian, there may be custodial fees associated with each transaction/recordkeeping of an asset as well.
  1. Our marketplace has helped raise over $100M for companies and has about 3K investor views per month.
  1. Small to mid-sized companies with minimum investment amounts from $75-$100K tend to get the most traction; however, we have still seen individual investors invest in companies with a $250K minimum. Keep in mind that if your minimum investment amount is high, it may take longer to get investors.
  1. We have a wide range of offerings and minimum investment amounts on our platform. The average is right around $50K. The requirements for publication on our marketplace are to have one mutual investor with our integrated custodian and have no clear prohibited transaction in the wording of your offering or offering documents. We do not allow or publish investments for Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB) at this time.
  1. OpenAlt is an agnostic investment platform. We have due diligence modules for investors and advisors and provide key questions to ask companies, but we do not perform the due diligence for you. We are currently beta-testing integration with the 3rd party platform to run background checks on companies, but all checks are at the discretion and initiation of the investor/investment sponsor.
  1. Although we estimate 3-5 business days as our typical investment processing time, our automated platform may take just minutes or hours for some transactions.
  1. To get started, please register on OpenAlt. If you need assistance, contact our team at