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OpenAlt is a team of custodians, advisors, and due diligence officers who came together to change the way people invest in the private market.

We provide an agnostic platform that values education, transparency, and efficiency to save you time, money, and resources.

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What is private equity, and how do private equity firms operate?
Back in the 1980s, private equity was largely fueled by the power of debt. In recent years, however, it’s become a form of alternative investing
February 16, 2023
How do private businesses get capital?
After the 2008 recession, it suddenly became more difficult than ever for new companies to get funding the traditional way. Banks suffered significant losses due
February 7, 2023
How and why Family offices are disrupting the private equity and venture capital industries
⁃ Trend toward institutionalization. Family offices is a brand new industry: 69% of all family offices started after 2000. Only 3-5% of family offices are
January 19, 2023
Investing is a work of art
In our 15-minute interview, Jim uses terms like “mosaic”, “repertoire”, and “grotesque” to describe private market valuations and investment processes. “The only time quant really
January 13, 2023
2023 Forecasts
2022 was unique in every way, making it even more essential to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends so you can be prepared as
January 10, 2023
Private Lending Explained: Process, Advantages, and Becoming a Lender/Borrower
Whether you want to get an opportunity funded or are looking to expand your portfolio, private money lending is a win-win for both borrowers and
December 23, 2022


Great technology stack and the service is awesome. As a sponsor, I received a call from an existing Entrust client and after speaking with her she agreed to invest with us and within two days we had funds. Great job team!!
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Managing Director
Lujan Merriman Development Group
The platform in its entirety makes communicating and onboarding new investors a breeze. The digital tools tie in seamlessly with our internal processes to elevate our professionalism with potential investors.
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CEO & Founder
Coastal Capital
Entrust and its Marketplace, OpenAlt, has been a great tool to expand our network of investors. Once we onboarded a client that had Entrust’s IRA we received a call from a representative that educated us on their portal. The ability to place our offering on Entrust’s marketplace has increased our potential client volume that has led to multiple current clients that we wouldn’t otherwise have. As we continue to work with them one thing we have learned is there is no IRA that we have encountered thus far that has the opportunity to provide an investment to all their members. It is an amazing tool with great people working at Entrust. We have gratitude for Entrust and the services they provide.
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