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How and why family offices are disrupting private equity and venture capital industries

Ron Diamond

Founder and CEO of Diamond Wealth

Rapid growth and diversification opportunities caused private equity and venture capital to disrupt the public market back in the ‘80s, and now family offices are causing a disruption of their own. But how – and why – are family offices having such a great effect on the private market?

Join Ron Diamond, Founder and CEO of Diamond Wealth and advisory board member of Stanford University’s Family Office Initiative, as he answers all of your questions on how family offices investing in private equity and venture capital are changing the industry for good.

On January 19th at 11AM PT, this interview-style webinar will highlight everything investors need to know about this rising business model including:

  • Challenges family offices are currently facing
  • Why family offices invest in venture capital and private equity
  • The future of family offices’ relationship with the private market
  • Questions from our audience members

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