Investing is a work of art

In our 15-minute interview, Jim uses terms like “mosaic”, “repertoire”, and “grotesque” to describe private market valuations and investment processes. “The only time quant really works is commodity trading. In private market investments, you’d rather be a momentum, valuation, or position player”.

Government stimulus is a double edge sword.

Government investments in infrastructure may create some short-term investment opportunities for the private sector which will bring some winners and losers.

In the long term, investing in subsidized industries may cause more harm than good. Industries that cannot withstand the lack of subsidies will end up going south, badly. 

If you understand it, invest; if you don’t, steer clear. 

Energy and hardware technology investments are among Entoro Group’s top choices for 2023-24. The focus on fund investments will be on activities that will help Entoro increase its market share in core industries.