About us

We’re growing every day, and we’re taking you along with us.


OpenAlt’s mission is to provide the most transparent, modern, and compliant alternative investment options in the private market.

In a world where technology can accomplish anything, we’re bringing alternative investing into the future. Our solution features a clean, easy-to-use interface as well as workflows to streamline and automate compliance processes. Browse opportunities from across the nation, and become a part of the projects that most resonate with you.

At OpenAlt, we’re not just investing in the private market – we’re investing in you. Every opportunity we post, new feature we roll out, and advancement we make to our platform is for our users – to help get you one step closer to meeting your financial goals. Because when you win, we do too.


OpenAlt’s vision is to be the fountainhead of alternative investment options, fueling the private economy and empowering investors everywhere.

Investing in the private market is a powerful strategy, but many are unsure how to access it. OpenAlt’s intuitive and accessible platform is giving investors both the knowledge and the tools they need to get there.

And although alternative investing isn’t new by any means, this is still just the beginning. As an important part of an ever-changing industry, we’re committed to continuing to expand our marketplace, stay ahead of trends, and create a solution that puts investors first.